Confessions of A (Bed) Side Stealer

Every morning when Hubby gets up to feed the obnoxious pets, I roll over and steal his side because it is warm and I like to spread out. This morning I thought I would be an amazing, nice, wonderful wifey and feed the pets for him, so he could stay in bed, even though it is a “boy’s” job to feed the pets. (Yea, so I have already failed my resolutions…I knew I would…that is why I said they are more like attempts).

So, I did it and what do I find when I come back to the bed? But, Hubby on MY SIDE! I try and push and shove him to no avail.

Hubby:  MMMM NO! This time I am STEALING your side!

Me: FINE! That is the last time I will be a nice wifey and feed the pets! (I then crawl back into bed on the wrong side)

Hubby then tries to snuggle.

Me: Don’t touch me!

Hubby: I love you.

Me: I hate you, you sides stealer!

Hubby: So this is love!




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7 responses to “Confessions of A (Bed) Side Stealer

  1. maryrestaino

    Sometimes the guys just don’t get it.

  2. Jennie

    I totally understand — I am so bad about taking Newman out — I feel guilty because Hubby takes him out like 90 times a day and I complain if I have to — I’m such a bitch sometimes. Bad wifey!

  3. We had such a problem with stuff like that, we now use separate blankets.

  4. Hubby

    From the Hubby,

    Certain parts that were left out. I feed the pets every moring Monday thru Friday. If it is cold out and I go the the bathroom she steals my side everytime. Just remember it hurts when it happens to you.

  5. Dear Hubby,

    Lies, people, all lies!

    Love, Wifey

  6. Ha! My hubby and I do the same thing in the mornings. I find that by placing one’s hand on hubby’s nice warm back after running it under cold water will get him back on his side of the bed…I’m a very, very evil wifey.

  7. My boyfriend does the same damn thing–and he’s usually sleeping in the middle of the effing bed to begin with!

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