The Worst Week Ever…


It’s just been one of those weeks and I am just happy to put it behind me.

Here are the highlights:

1.  Had to say no to Jury Duty selection in fear that I would be homeless on the 12 dollars a day Jury pay.

2.  My car is broken, ok really just my sunglass holder in my car is broken, but still I loved that sunglass holder!

3.  Found out we are poor, ok I already knew this, but it hit me hard this week, AND I STILL HAVEN’T WON THE LOTTERY YET

4.  Didn’t win the lottery…oh do I need to buy a ticket to win?

5.  Cut the back of my leg while shaving.

6.  Got to enter meaningless data into a calendar at work.

7.  Didn’t get to use my brain this week….

8.  Drank half of our liquor….uh oh!

9.  Had people at work rub it in that I didn’t know THAT company policy is to pay you if you get selected for Jury Duty…didn’t I read the HR POLICIES? (sending rays of hate their way)

10.  Got to sit in two 2 hour meetings this week, and wondered what am I doing with my life?

11. Broke a small compact mirror in the morning, while half-asleep. Seven years of bad luck coming my way…

12. Accidentally deleted one of my shows in the DVR because I got “delete happy.”

Well, I am sure there is more….but thankfully, we are on to another week…which I am hoping will be much better than this week was!



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8 responses to “The Worst Week Ever…

  1. Here’s hoping things look up for you. 🙂

  2. Terra

    Cut the back of your leg shaving???…My advice…take it from me QUIT SHAVING 😉

  3. Eh. That’s no good. I hope this upcoming week is a lot better. And I hope that your leg heals from the cut — shaving cuts are the worst!

  4. Have a wonderfully relaxing weekend and I hope next week is better for ya.

  5. hainesmorgan

    Ok, what kind of excuse did you use that got you out of jury duty because apparently, now they don’t consider “financial hardship” a legitimate excuse? Huh? Seriously? That’s crap.

    My husband just sent a request to be excused from a YEAR LONG grand jury and he got a letter back saying his request did not present any legal reasons why he couldn’t serve (despite the fact we couldn’t pay our mortgage were he to be on the jury). ?????

  6. Actually financial hardship was exactly what they took! Where do you live?

  7. Melanie

    What show did you delete??!?

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