Land mines, vacuuming, and checking your email…


Me: Should we straighten the house?

Hubby: I guess so.

Me: Ok, I will do the cat litter and vacuum and you should really do Poop Patrol outside cause it looks like the backyard is full of poop, instead of dirt.

So, being the good Hubby that he is, goes out to clean up the land mines. Without even a complaint!

And that is when I get out the vacuum cleaner, plug it in and set it up in a room, so it can “appear” as though I am about to vacuum. Then I head straight for the office to play on the computer “AKA checking my email.”

I am so lost in the moment of “checking my email” that I didn’t hear Hubby come in.

Hubby (yelling): WHAT are YOU doing?!

As he brings me the bag of collected land mines and swings it in my face.

Me (guiltily): Checking my email. EWWWWW!

Hubby: That is not on the chore list, nor is it a chore!

Me: Of course it is, and I was just taking a “break” anyways.

Hubby: You are so lazy!

Hmmmm I prefer sneaky! 🙂



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7 responses to “Land mines, vacuuming, and checking your email…

  1. hahaha

    You are very sneaky. I don’t blame you though.

    Messing around on the Internet is waaaaay more fun than doing chores any day.

  2. Yes, sneaky. I prefer that to lazy. Luckily for me, I don’t have to clean the land mines. But I would prefer that over cleaning the litter box. Mine tend to make a bigger mess than the dog!

  3. Hey, I use that same technique while cleaning as well!!

  4. Devoted Spouse will be dutifully performing some household chore and catch me playing computer cards when I should be at school. I tried to convince him that playing cards helps me “digest” the theories and concepts from class, but so far he’s not buying it.

  5. Lol- you do seem to be a woman after my own heart 😉

  6. Sarah

    I have the opposite problem!

  7. Jennie

    UR hilarious!

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