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My Sister the Facebook Fiend

My sister's obsession

My sister's obsession

This weekend, Sar learned to use Facebook and now is obsessed with getting as many “friends” as she can. It is like some kind of obsessive thing going on here, I mean we already have established she is a blog stalker, now she is obsessed with forcing people to be her friend on Facebook and if they haven’t responded yet, she thinks it is because they are contemplating “IF” they should be her friend. Honestly, everything is a competition with her. This is because she has middle child syndrome. So, unfortunately, she will never outgrow it.

Sar (exclaiming vehemently): I HAVE 24 friends on my Facebook page now!

Me: Wow, that is like 12 a day….amazing!

Sar: I know, EVERYONE wants to be my friend!


P.S. I wrote this blog about her to attempt to get her more friends on facebook, so she can fulfill her life quest of the most friends possible. Let me know if you want to be her friend and I can give her your name so she can bask in the glory of cyber friendships and stalkings.


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