My Sister the Facebook Fiend

My sister's obsession

My sister's obsession

This weekend, Sar learned to use Facebook and now is obsessed with getting as many “friends” as she can. It is like some kind of obsessive thing going on here, I mean we already have established she is a blog stalker, now she is obsessed with forcing people to be her friend on Facebook and if they haven’t responded yet, she thinks it is because they are contemplating “IF” they should be her friend. Honestly, everything is a competition with her. This is because she has middle child syndrome. So, unfortunately, she will never outgrow it.

Sar (exclaiming vehemently): I HAVE 24 friends on my Facebook page now!

Me: Wow, that is like 12 a day….amazing!

Sar: I know, EVERYONE wants to be my friend!


P.S. I wrote this blog about her to attempt to get her more friends on facebook, so she can fulfill her life quest of the most friends possible. Let me know if you want to be her friend and I can give her your name so she can bask in the glory of cyber friendships and stalkings.



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14 responses to “My Sister the Facebook Fiend

  1. I like Facebook, MySpace, etc., but friends on there are mostly just a number. I prefer real-life friends 😀

  2. I used to be on Facebook but it never saw the point of having it when I’m on MySpace. As far as friends, I turned out to be real picky on who I add. No yahoos.

  3. Silly middle children, when will they learn?

  4. Well, if she really wants as many friends as she can have then she can always go the random route – I’ve added lots of people who added me even though I didn’t know them. Because I don’t really care and don’t have anything private on my Facebook. So if your sis starts adding random people, the odds are most of them will add her right back!

  5. My sister likes to post the worst pictures of people on Facebook. You know, the pictures where she looks beautiful and everyone else has their eyes closed? Yeah, those are the ones she posts AND tags.

    Facebook brats. All of them.

  6. Sarah

    That is totally not the point…I told you I was really excited because there were more people that I knew on facebook than Myspace… People I would like to get back in contact with. It’s not about the numbers, but the quality of the people! I am not that shallow

  7. Denial will get you no where…

  8. haha thanks for the love.
    the world will be a better place when people begin to step away from stalkbook haha.

  9. steppingthru

    Boy, you and Sar sound like MLS and I. She’s not the middle child though, she is the baby. I have a MySpace page but don’t go there very often since I started blogging. I like my friends here too!

  10. luvsclassics

    I didn’t know there was such a thing as weblog The facebook one is funny.
    I’m on facebook, too. I connected through Kalyn’s kitchen,cooking blog and the others that join talk about many facets of cooking, restaurants, Sustainable Agriculture Coalition,( What’s this?), David Lebowitz many links-First Flying car,and Kate Hill-French Kitchen Adventure Cafe Cassouelet. There are groups to join like San Diego wine lovers , Ice cream scoop group, yesterday.

  11. mediocreperfectionist

    ROFL… Facebook definitely brings out the competitor in some folks. I just had this exact situation with my Ex over the weekend. He asked if I did Facebook (like I don’t know that he’s already checked and confirmed that I do and accessed my level of popularity).

    Him: Oh I just signed up a few weeks ago and I’m getting like 200 friend requests a day.”

    Me: Oh, really? 200. Clearly you are very important and popular.

    Him: Yeah, I don’t get it. These are people that wouldn’t have given me the time of day in high school. Seems like it’s just a competition for who has the most friends.

    Me: Umm hmm (inside my head: Yeah, Facebook friend hoarder, go ahead. Play it off like you don’t believe this somehow justifies your place in the world.)

    Not that I think your sister is like that at all.

  12. mediocreprefectionist: That is HILARIOUS! Thanks for the laugh! 🙂

  13. theunhappycamper

    I use Facebook, but I prefer real friends also. If she wants me to add her or she wants to add me,

  14. Jennie

    Facebook is quite the world of wonder — I have an aunt who was highly offended because I unfriended her — but she’s my aunt! I don’t want her seeing all that stuff that goes on on Facebook — and she called me out on it by sending a Facebook nasty gram — it was SO awkward!

    But, at the end of the day, I do love me some FB. THough, I prefer to keep my friends to an absolute minimum… I regularly “cleanse” my friends list.

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