Economic Hardship and the Ivy Leagues

Upon checking the mail this week, Hubby received a letter from Yale University, where he had previously gone to graduate school. Let me remind you, that he has not even been out of school for a year yet, and just 3 months ago he was receiving “Would you like to make a donation” letters.

Ummm, let me think about that. Heck no!

I mean we are still getting over the fact that we don’t have to eat PB&J sandwiches everyday! So, when I saw this envelope, I thought it was more of the same thing. I left it on the counter for Hubby to read.

Hubby opens it later and laughs out loud.

Hubby: I think I will be making a call to the Yale Accounts office in the morning.

Me: Why?

Hubby: Look at this letter!

Me (scanning quickly): What?

Hubby: This is my bill for the Fall 2008 semester……they think I am still there….but I GRADUATED!

Me: HILARIOUS….They must have sent it because you wouldn’t donate! Gotta make money somehow! It’s rough times…. even for the Ivy Leagues!

Wait...I don't go there anymore

Wait...I don't go there anymore



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15 responses to “Economic Hardship and the Ivy Leagues

  1. you should have paid it.

    Just for the laughs.

  2. Yea, with WHAT money? 🙂

  3. Tell me that was that in-state! Please please please tell me it was the in-state tuition!

    Mah hubby’s is $1.1k a credit. Thank YOU GeeDub. You look like a steal!

  4. warriorwitch

    Hi ya, I had to come visit.
    Nice bill.
    I once forgot to tell the university that I wouldn’t be back and also forgot to cancel all classes and got a bill for $700 for the portion of the classes I had been registered for even though I hadn’t attended.

    Learned my lesson.

  5. You should send them an IOU. And then bill them for postage.

  6. Hahahaha, wow, that is awesome… I say, pay it and have Hubby go learn something more, could be fun!

  7. Lori

    That is freakin’ ridiculous!

    You know what is good for a laugh? Reading the personal ads in the Yale alumni magazine–hilarious and pretentious!

  8. Lori: Hmmm never read them, but you have peaked my curiousity! 🙂

  9. ranmon

    holy….you’ll be eating PB & no J after that bill…

  10. We get Alumni Fund letters from the Yale Drama School, too. I always want to enclose one of our MANY student loan invoices in the payment envelope and mail that to them instead.


  11. Stopped by from croneandbearit and I find this? LOL How funny, but I’m sure not so much if I was the one receiving the bill. yikes!

  12. silentorchestra

    Hahah… go figure. I would totally send it back with a grad photo of hubby and his diploma or whatever, and a post-it note that says something to the effect of, “check your records, dumbasses.”

  13. silentorchestra: LOVE THAT IDEA! 🙂

  14. steppingthru

    How many ignorant people would actually pay the bill? Surely no Yale graduates…….

  15. Somehow I expected Yale to be above mistakes like this …

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