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Stress Reduction Kits

Sometimes it is better to express yourself visually and this is how I feel this week….I just need to tape this to my doors. ALL.OF.THEM. At home, work, a smaller one for in the car and another taped to my ATM card– for my bank account!

Let me know if you need one and I will make you one with my own two hands AND sign the back! I know, what more could you ask for, right? Asking price is $19.95 plus shipping and handling. If you order it on the blog, I will give you a 5% discount!

 I will accept cash or money order only. Let me know, this hand-drawn kit is a super deal at a steal of a price!

P.S. This has been tested (by yours truly) and proven to be effective! So, I encourage you to buy and use it today before they run out!



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My Dog, the ConeHead

This past week, Patches has been licking and licking and licking and licking and licking and licking and licking (well, I think you get the point) her back leg until it was raw. Seeing this, Hubby and I decided we would try our hands at being veternarians (this is not reccommended, but it seemed to work, at first), since our income, lately has been on the downward spiral. We decided we would saran wrap this rogue leg, so she couldn’t lick it.
However, about six or seven days later, she was still licking and the saran wrap was just not cutting it.

So, today,  Hubby took her to the vet (after much begging and pleading to take our “dying puppy” to the vet so her leg would not fall off and she wouldn’t die..insert my sad puppy eyes here)!

They think it is some kind of bacterial infection, since it is nowhere else on her body, but this one spot. So, they gave her some antiseptic spray and shaved her back leg and said we have to watch her and make sure she doesn’t lick it!


And then…..they said she had to wear the conehead, to make sure she didn’t lick….I really tried not to laugh when I saw this…I know, I am such a bad mother….as I pointed and rolled on the floor!


But, as she banged into the walls to come and greet me when I got home, I just fell to the floor laughing because everywhere she went she banged into EVERYTHING. Poor, Poor Patches. She is the saddest dog ever and after what we paid at the vet, Hubby is forcing her to wear it per the vet’s reccomendation of ten days!

Poor, Sad Patches!



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