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Wife: For Sale, Rent, or Lease to Own


With all the hype in the news lately with it being “rough times,” Hubby and I couldn’t get over the news stories on the girl selling her virginity and the guy trying to sell his 14 year old daughter for beer and meat. I mean times are tough, people! So, I completely understand where they are coming from…..I think.

So, Hubby and I thought we should jump on this bandwagon, while the market is HOT!

Me: Can you believe all these stories?

Hubby: No. I know, maybe we should sell you.

Me: Good idea. I have no idea what the ad could say, but maybe something like Rent-a-wife or something and we should start the bid at 1 million dollars! ( I am totally worth it..stop laughing)

Hubby: Yea, but like only for one night cause I think I would miss you.

(Gotta love that Hubby….see he still loves me!)

Thinking to myself…I have no idea what this ad would say? Maybe something like:

Wife for Rent: Think I love Lucy…must have LOTS of patience. She doesn’t cook, usually feigns cleaning, and exclaims NOT IT whenever she wants to get out of chores (which is most of the time). Has no skills. Cannot sew, rarely does laundry, and belches a lot. Not really sure what she is good for, that is why I am selling her. Make me an offer. Comes AS IS. Have to rent out to make bill payments and to be able to buy beer. But, willing to negotiate because times are tough and her income is needed.

How does that sound, Hubby?



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I’m Not That Innocent…

Well, I am still pretty new at the the whole blogging scene, but I have received two of these now and must pay my lustful respects back to really cool peeps I have met out here in Blogland!

From Stephanie

From Stephanie

From Crone and Bear It

From Crone and Bear It

I received a really nice blog award from a really cool, new bloggy friend at It All Comes Down To This…. Check her out, and she will make you giggle as she does me!

I had also received an award from another blog that never ceases to crack me up, Crone and Bear It , check her out too because she (or her dog) is sure to have you snickering!

Now, is the challege: The Rule ( I was never good at following rules, but I will do my best)

1.  List six things that inspire your creativity
2.  Pass the award on to 7 more kreativ bloggers
3.  Link back to the person who gave you the award
4.  Link to the people you are passing it on to and leave them a comment to let them know


  1. Hubby 🙂
  2. My Pets
  3. Sisters
  4. Family
  5. Friends—those I know and those I stalk in Blogs
  6. I like to laugh

2. I hate picking and choosing awards (mostly because I don’t want anyone to feel left out) but I can definately tell you some of my favorites–in three words or less, and just because I don’t give you an award doesn’t mean I don’t lust after your blog….it’s just that I got tired of typing and I am lazy! 🙂

  • A Blog of Her Own —HYSTERICAL LADY
  • DarcKnyt —INSPIRING
  • For What It\’s Worth —FUNNY OLD FART
  • The PortlandPhile —MY TWIN WIFE
  • Confessions of a Young Married Couple —PISS PANTS FUNNY
  • Swimming In My Head…  —FUNNY BLOGGY BUD
  • I Can Grow People —FUNNY PREGO FRIEND
  • Here is your award…..you should return the favor to others to make them smile!

    Your award

    Your award


    Well there you have it! Thanks Guys, you are my crack! Love ya!


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    The Internal Debate

    I am not admitting to anything….just want your opinions and am curious! Shhhhh don’t tell Hubby that I do this. Plus I am hoping the odds are in my favor!


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