Daily Archives: January 17, 2009

Licking the Envelope…


This past weekend Mom took us to go see the musical Chicago. It was pretty awesome and we had a great time!

Afterwards, while sitting outside the theatre, Rae took notice of a ATM machine and wanted to learn to deposit a check. She had never deposited without a live person before, so I told her I would help her. ( I know I am the BEST.SISTER.EVER.) And she is a bit sheltered!

Me: Sign the back of your check.

Rae: Ok

Me: Pull out an envelope and write your totals on it and put your check in the envelope.

Rae: Then what?

Me: Lick the envelope. Novel concept, huh?

She didn’t find the humor in this or my comment of being the best sister ever.  I think it might be the last time she asks me to teach her something…


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