Licking the Envelope…


This past weekend Mom took us to go see the musical Chicago. It was pretty awesome and we had a great time!

Afterwards, while sitting outside the theatre, Rae took notice of a ATM machine and wanted to learn to deposit a check. She had never deposited without a live person before, so I told her I would help her. ( I know I am the BEST.SISTER.EVER.) And she is a bit sheltered!

Me: Sign the back of your check.

Rae: Ok

Me: Pull out an envelope and write your totals on it and put your check in the envelope.

Rae: Then what?

Me: Lick the envelope. Novel concept, huh?

She didn’t find the humor in this or my comment of being the best sister ever.  I think it might be the last time she asks me to teach her something…



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7 responses to “Licking the Envelope…

  1. Ha, now that is funny.

  2. Once she gets past putting gasoline in her car it’s time to kick her out the nest…

  3. lick the envelope . . .who would have thought?!

  4. Haha! I would totally been your sister in this conversation because I’ve never deposited a check at an ATM, either. Too funny!

  5. Awe, but that was you being NICE, wasn’t it?

  6. I love my sister but still mess with her head… Lick the envelope, sis!

  7. You remind me of my sister. Ugh. LOL

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