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My Crazy Sister


This weekend, my sister has started her own blog. She is already addicted to it and cannot stop checking her site for stats, comments and anything else that might float her boat. She is CRAZY, I tell you CRAZY. But, I guess we have already established this due to her addictions with facebook, getting attention driven to herself, and her crazy competitions that are all in her head.

She thinks she is really cool now. Personally, I am still doubtful of her real “coolness” I just think it is more about getting attention. It is just middle child syndrome, if you ask me.


Sar: Yes, GO AWAY! I need SILENCE, I’m concentrating. This is the blog where I’m hysterical and it is my stepping stone into blog world and it’s where I am going to make all my fans!

My Hubby and Sar’s Hubby overhear this exchange.

Hubby (to Sar’s Hubby): Good luck, your wife has now started blogging. Be ready to have your every move critiqued and laughed at by the ENTIRE WORLD. BWWWaaaah haaaaa haaaaa

(Cue sinister music here)

Oh, yea, I guess you had better check her out and decide for yourself. See, what a great sister I am…shamelessly plugging my own crazy sister, to further her crazy addictions, and don’t forget to leave her a comment or two! Otherwise her every comment on my blog will be (I have the better blog or something like it).  Check her out at: Middlechildadvice\’s Blog


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Hubby’s Not so Lucky Day

The Closest image I could find in relation to the elusive Mountain Man....

The Closest image I could find in relation to the elusive Mountain Man....

Another day in the life of me and Hubby’s pre-bedtime conversations. Oh, to be a fly on our wall, right?

Me: Guess what? It is YOUR lucky day!

Hubby (looking a little scared): Why?

Me (proudly): I shaved my legs!

Hubby: MMMMM

Me: Oh, don’t worry your not THAT kinda lucky. Plus you still have that scruff going on.

Hubby: But I look SEXY.

Me: More like a Mountain Man.

Hubby: No, this is not Mountain Man, this is Wilderness Boy. Wilderness boy is just scruff…Mountain Man is full blown beard.

Me: OK, glad we have that straight now.


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