To Have and To Hold…


Hubby is headed out of town this week to go to Texas to visit his parents and do some manual labor. I know he will miss me, but frankly, I am excited to spread out on the bed and watch whatever I WANT on TV. No snoring, no kicking, no farting disturbing my sleep. Ahhhh the excitement.

But, I will miss him despite all of the above (but don’t tell him this…I can’t have his head swelling up!) See, gotta keep it on the downlow, as you can tell from our conversation below:

Hubby: Come here, baby. Come sit with me. I’m going to miss you this week.

Me (giving the look): SILENCE

Hubby (scowls at me and then waits in anticipation)

Me (evil smile): Oh, was I supposed to say something? I am just excited to have the bed to myself!



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12 responses to “To Have and To Hold…

  1. You can be so naughty! LOL! 😀

  2. bookishpenguin

    This would have been my exact reaction, too. There is nothing like having the bed to myself. It’s a mixed bag, though, isn’t it? I miss having him nearby… just not quite SO close in the bed. LOL

  3. Evil, evil woman! *Wink* I love it.

  4. Girrrrrrrl,
    Lucky you!
    Now you get the remote AND the bed.
    And you know what else is fun when hubby is away?
    -don’t brush your teeth for a while;
    -leave all the dishes in the sink;
    -eat & drink right out of the ‘fridge
    Yep, been there/done that.
    Enjoy your time off!

  5. Chris: Thanks for the advice…I will let you know how it goes 🙂

  6. Awe, poor Hubby… Though if he knows you as well as I’m sure he does, he knows that the scorching, evil look is really one of love, adoration and complacency :P!

  7. Hubby’s coming to TX to do manual labor? Where in TX? Would he have time to swing by my place and uh….visit….and maybe do a little more manual labor? LOL

    I’m supposed to be helping my husband move furniture out of our office and so far I’ve had excuses for every day he’s been available but I’m about to run out. Where is that damn dentist appointment when I need one?

  8. Midlife Slices: Maybe you shoudl declare the NOT IT rule? Or maybe you should just call the dentist yourself! 🙂

  9. Who are you going to play “Not It” with for a week without ‘Hubby’?

    And if you need saving from Americus, just push that button on your ‘BlogAlert’ and say the following words: “My cat puked, and I can’t clean it up” and we’ll send the plane from Florida (long johns and all) to save you.

    You’ve got people!

  10. Sarah

    I always thought you were wrong about this till I got married. Now I want my own bed too!

  11. My hubby is gone 2 nights a week (firefighter) and I LOVE having the bed to myself those two nights!!

  12. Hehe, can’t have his ego getting too inflated!
    This made me giggle 🙂

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