Emails from my sister…


Sister: Why have you been writing so many blogs? Are you trying to outdo me?

Me: Cause I have been bored. Blogging is not a competition.

Sister: Yes it is.




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8 responses to “Emails from my sister…

  1. Blogging is a competition?

    I didn’t know that.


    I better step up my game!!

  2. Yes it is. You know it. C’mon, admit it. You’re competing. You want the attention back you threw your sis’s way. I understand that. I can relate to that. I got my wife started blogging and now her blog gets two or three times as many hits as mine. Think I’m not competing? Well, not anymore, because I got blown out, but oh, I was.

    Just admit you’re competitive, and it’ll be so much easier. C’mon … come over to the Dark Side. We have things to throw at people. 😉

  3. kforkeely

    Haha gotta love those sister relationships huh? I’m the same way with my sister!

  4. Well, I don’t care enough to compete……blogging is my therapy…that is it…..

  5. you’re in denial!

  6. bookishpenguin

    My sister and I are very competitive, too, but always in a friendly, non-threatening way. Recently my sister was talking about winning something and my husband said, “Wow, okay, I now see someone other than you who holds winning as that important.” lol (But I think I’m more into winning than she is… but that could just be me being competitive… haha)

  7. Sibling rivalry. It happens to the best of us.

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