The Good Girl


Dear Hubby,

I have been such a good girl while you have been gone. I have done the dishes every night, although I guess that is easy when you eat cereal every night. I have not burned down the house. I have not thrown my computer on the floor when it froze up three times tonight ( I did pound on the keys a few times though, so it knew I was mad). I have even done some laundry. I have remembered to spray Patches’ foot with her medicine (now putting on the cone is another story). And most importantly, I only had a few boyfriends over, although when they wanted to play doctor, I said no. So, as you can tell, I am staying out of trouble. No need to worry. 🙂

PS. However, when you do come back ….good luck reclaiming your side of the bed. I sleep in the middle now, with Boston on one side and Patches on the other.


Your Favorite Wifey



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5 responses to “The Good Girl

  1. Dishes AND laundry? Come on now, you’re overworking yourself! You shouldn’t be on your feet quite so much, it might be unhealthy!


  2. Re your comment “I only had a few boyfriends over,”:
    Define “few”…10? 20?

  3. A few constitues A LOT 🙂

  4. Hey!
    Your blog is fast becoming one of my favs!
    Not too serious.
    And oh-so disrespectful.

  5. rob

    haha that put a smile on my face…

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