Where do Babies Come From?


(Note: The following conversation is, IN FACT, a real conversation. It really DID happen, and I did not make one bit of it up! I did, however, change the name to protect his identity…although he probably won’t talk to me after this anyway)!

Since Hubby is away this week, I will have to find other people to torment…and I can think of one person, in particular, that I have been meaning to torment via blog. One of my FAVORITE friends from WAAAAAYYYY back. For the purpose of this blog, let’s call him Hacim. Hacim and I went to highschool together and have known each other for a VERY long time. (I think he would say we have known each other too long). I consider him one of my best friends, although he would proably say he doesn’ t think of me that way, but it is just a cover. He would be quite sad without me. Isn’t that right, Hacim? 🙂

Well, when we were in college Hacim, myself, and my roomates had a VERY interesting conversation one night. It went something like this. (FYI–My memory is very accurate when it comes to this and I think you will see why). 

Me: Hey, Hacim do you know where babies come from? (He didn’t take Advanced Bio 3-4 like the rest of us smarty pants, so I thought I would make fun of him—hey I used to be smart!)

Hacim: Of course, I do. They come from a boy and a girl when they do stuff together.

My Roomate: Oh yea, but where do they come out?

Hacim: Well, the girl grows another hole somewhere down there (pointing down).

Me and Roomie (trying to contain our laughter, but failing MISERABLY): What do you mean…”grows another hole?”

Hacim (clearly getting angry): Well, HOW should I know, I am not a girl. They just grow another hole and the baby pops out, right!?

Me and Roomies burst into a fit of giggles.

Fast forward 12 years later:

Me (sing song like–in front of his new girl): Hey Hacim, WHERE DO BABIES COME FROM?

Hacim: Shut the eff up!

His Girl: What is this story?

Me: I can fill you in, see it all happened one day in college….

Hacim(rolling eyes): Shut up!

I don’t think he will EVER, EVER live this down. EVER. Gotta love memories, right Hacim? 🙂


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17 responses to “Where do Babies Come From?

  1. LOL! Grows another hole down there… he was in COLLEGE!? That’s ridiculous.

  2. Gentle, people, gentle. He is very smart, just not in the female anatomy….. 🙂

  3. ladiesofmight

    Haaa! No wonder the guys don’t check for wedding rings… they are too busy searching for the other hole we grow! 🙂

  4. rae

    you are such a jerk to our adopted brother…poor boy and where did you come up with that ridiculous name?

  5. rae

    oh wait i just realized what you did with the name i am cleary too tired with lack of sleep…you are such a slut. augh see you tomorrow night i actually get off at six!!! and i am sick of putting poohs headcone on just so you know i totally quit…she is a freaking bull in the morning trying to kill me with the cone…and she’s not really letting me put on the spray very well anymore…..i quit the bad aunt duty your turn!

  6. I know people who still think that babies grow in the stomach.

  7. Rae: I needed someone to torture…and I have been meaning to write about this….he knows.
    AND You better continue to be a GOOD AUNT.

  8. Buwahahaha! That is hysterical!

  9. You are so mean! I wouldn’t be your friend anymore…typical oldest child making fun of everyone!

  10. Aw bless him! Hehe.
    My sister believed for years that your tummy button was where God had poked you in his oven to see if you were ready.
    She wasn’t in college though…

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  12. The Other One

    …I am lost for words… LOL

  13. silentorchestra


  14. daintygrape

    I once had a friend, who was a senior in high school, ask me if she could get pregnant through her belly button. No lie.

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