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My Crazy, Insane Sister Strikes Again


So, today I went to lunch at my favorite place, Jersey Mike’s (see Jersey Mike’s), with my sister and her funny friend Emily (name change courtesy of my sister) from work. We had a great time, that is until my sister started lamenting her fate. She can be a real debbie downer when everything is not all about her, as I am sure you can imagine. Here is what happened:

Me: So, I wrote another blog today.

Sar: EH, I am so over blogging. My friend Karen read my blogs and said they stank and weren’t funny. So, I just might kill my blog, since no one loves me and my stats have gone waaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy down. (deep sigh)

Me: OMG Rae said you wouldn’t last.

Emily: Yea, I read your blog. It is kinda funny.

Sar: If people aren’t talking about it and DON”T love me, then I am NOT DOING IT ANYMORE.

Me: You are so ridiculous.

Sar: I want people to love me. I am AMAZING.

Emily (rolls eyes): There goes the competition again…..middle child syndrome.

Sar: My blog is NOT good enough….sigh.

Emily: I am going to write a blog about YOUR blog.

Me: OMG you guys are soooo funny.

Well, folks, Emily did it. AND she is AWESOME. She feeds right into Sar’s crazy, middle child mind. Check her and my sister out at the following address. It is best if you read them in tandem.

Happy laughing. How amazing of a blog promoter am I? Gotta love family!

Sister: Middlechildadvice\’s Blog

Emily: Liketotallyawesome\’s Blog


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I have a problem…


Unlike others of you out there that stalk blogs and don’t leave comments, I LOVE leaving comments. I WANT people to know I have been there. I think it is because it is like a dog marking its’ territory. (Ok, maybe not exactly like that). But, I like people to know I have been to their site, plus I think (sometimes) I can offer jewels of wisdom. No, really, sometimes I AM smart, right Mom?

 I love reading the various blogs out there and commenting all over the place and until recently, I didn’t realize this addiction. But, I think I am finally coming to terms with it. I.AM.A.COMMENT.WHORE.

There, I said it. See, I feel better getting it off my chest.

I just can’t help myself. I love them! The short ones, the long ones, I love reading them and leaving them. Capital ones, lowercase ones, nice ones, mean ones…I love them all! So, my question is, is there help out there for me?

Comment Whore Anonymous, or something?


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Love is patient…

The daily check in from the Hubby.

Me: How’s it going?

Hubby: My arm is about to fall off from scraping off the popcorn ceilings.

Me: That is sad; you will look funny with only one arm.

Hubby: Won’t you still love me? I would still love you with only one arm.

Me: Well, no. I wouldn’t, but that is the difference between me and you.



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