I have a problem…


Unlike others of you out there that stalk blogs and don’t leave comments, I LOVE leaving comments. I WANT people to know I have been there. I think it is because it is like a dog marking its’ territory. (Ok, maybe not exactly like that). But, I like people to know I have been to their site, plus I think (sometimes) I can offer jewels of wisdom. No, really, sometimes I AM smart, right Mom?

 I love reading the various blogs out there and commenting all over the place and until recently, I didn’t realize this addiction. But, I think I am finally coming to terms with it. I.AM.A.COMMENT.WHORE.

There, I said it. See, I feel better getting it off my chest.

I just can’t help myself. I love them! The short ones, the long ones, I love reading them and leaving them. Capital ones, lowercase ones, nice ones, mean ones…I love them all! So, my question is, is there help out there for me?

Comment Whore Anonymous, or something?



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16 responses to “I have a problem…

  1. I think commenting is a good thing because it lets the author know that they’re appreciated 😛

    Either that or I’m a comment whore too 😀

  2. I also love comments – both leaving them and having them left by readers like you. Brad is right; it does make the author feel appreciated.

    So DON’T stop!! 🙂

  3. From one whore to another:
    yes, the whole point of blogging is to share ideas and comments.
    The Internet is a public place.

  4. Comments are awesome, and they are the reason blogging is so interesting. And as Brian and Brad state, they definitely make the author feel appreciated! 🙂

  5. OMG i love comments too. Getting them, leaving them… 🙂

  6. I am the typical guy on this…I like receiving more than giving. I’m afraid to do it wrong…wait that is something else. Anyway, here you go: a comment.

  7. I’m still looking for the twelve step bloggers anonymous program. I’ve got a problem. I’m a blogaholic. There….I’ve said it.

  8. Terra

    Girl, there is no help for your comment whoreness! I love your comments on mine…please don’t stop being a whore! 😉

  9. I love getting comments, not so much leaving them. People like me LOVE having people like you around. 🙂

  10. For crying out loud, don’t stop!
    Comment whores are well respected in bloggy-land.

  11. Is that guy LeBlanc fresh or what?
    oooooh, you nasty.

  12. thymegoesby

    I wouldn’t have found your amusing posts if you didn’t have your ‘problem’ 😀 Thx for stopping by. Don’t quit!

  13. Haha. I love leaving comments too. I especially love to leave long winded comments on subjects which I have a deep passion for. I figure the more knowlegable I am about a topic, the more likely I am to have others visit my page and see what Iam about. The other day I had over 70 hits on my page in a matter of a few hours and I only got 2 comments that day. WTF?! If you are reading it why not give your thoughts, opinions or input. We won’t make fun of you. Haha.

  14. You can leave as many comments as you want over on MY site. Nobody else seems to want too…LOL

  15. steppingthru

    Nope, no help out there for whores like us!

  16. Jen

    I appreciate the comments too, but don’t reciprocate as often as I should. I’ll try to do better now, and aspire to be a comment whore!

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