What do you think?

Hubby is still away….so no tormenting him. Hacim was so popular that I will tell you a bit more about him.

Over the summer, as Hubby and I were moving from the East Coast, we stopped and spent a few days with Hacim and his girl. It was great to hang out with them and we had some very funny conversations. One of them being the topic of marriage. Hacim and his girl have been together for awhile now (and I think they are a good match), and just to get under his skin I brought it up. In my defense though, he brings up the baby topic. Which is yucky to me. I like kids, but the thought of having one come out and stretch out my you know what doesn’t appeal to me. (Ok, judge away). Plus I am not a baby fan. I like to hang out and give them back. That is it. So, basically we know how to thoroughly annoy each other.

However, this time when we were talking about marriage he acutally wanted to talk about it.

Hacim: I found the perfect ring for when I get married.

His girl (rolling her eyes): WAIT til you see what he wants.

Me: I am excited! Show me.

His girl: GUESS where he found this “supposed ring” he wants!?

Me: Where?

Hacim: THE SKY MALL magazine!

His girl: ugh.

So we then go online and he shows me the ring of his dreams. It is funny, usually it is the girl that is excited for the jewelry, right? But, as Hacim showed me the picture, his eyes lit up with excitement, joy, and adoration.

Here it is:


Me: OMG this is hilarious. When you were saying you wanted a Batman ring, I was thinking a decoder ring. You know you point it at the wall and then a big B is on the wall.

I never laughed so hard…..but now I kind of like it.

So, what do you all think? Could this pass for a wedding ring?



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13 responses to “What do you think?

  1. That might be the coolest ring I’ve ever seen. But then, I may be biased just a bit. 😉

  2. iambrowneyedgirl

    I laughed when I saw this. If it makes the guy happy and he’ll wear it every day then I say go for it. In reality, his wife won’t really notice it that often. I can’t say I spend a whole lot of time staring at the ring on my hubby’s finger.

  3. on our honeymoon c lost his ring (in the ocean) so we bought a ring with flames on it 😉

    i’m the same way about kids and babies…no judging here!

  4. Haha, that is super dorky! But hilarious at the same time. I guess if they are that kind of dorky cutesy couple, I say, go for it!

  5. poor hakim…he shouldn’t be your friend anymore!

  6. thymegoesby

    Only if it’s accessorized with spandex and mask. lol!

  7. I think your hubby needs to hurry home and slap some sense into you.
    A Batman ring is only good if you happen to be BatGirl.

  8. This seems like an amazing way to show your inner nerd for holy eternity…or until cat woman wants to get a divorce. I think it is creative and interesting but while someone may have a passion for Batman or Starwars now, later in life this passion could change and that means the wedding ring would be viewed as something undesirable as well. Who knows, maybe not.

  9. It made me groan at first glance, but on other hand, why not?

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  11. Hahaha. If he’s a hella batman fan I’d say go for it.
    Why not?

  12. Cool BAT! I have one! and What?

  13. sam

    I want to know where I can find a ring like that for my boyfriend.

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