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I want a….



At dinner this past weekend, my sisters and I were talking about cell phones with our dad. I was mentioning how I cannot wait until my contract is up in June because I am quitting Sprint. I hate them.

Me: I am switching to AT&T in June! WOO HOO. I am sick of evil Sprint.

Dad: Are you getting an iphone?

Sar(blurting out): I want a BLUEBERRY!

Me: You mean a blackberry, crazy!

Sar: Eh, whatever…


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Bathroom Etiquette

Have you ever noticed when girls go to the bathroom at work….they want to chit chat with you? While in the stalls? Or while washing their hands?

Why is the bathroom the new place to hang out? I just don’t get it.

This is weird, people! Leave me alone. When I go to the bathroom (at work) I am there for two reasons:
1.      I want to drop the kids off at the pool and I need to concentrate, in peace! (Don’t judge….sometimes I cannot go unless I know I have the bathroom to myself…..not really anxiety, but more like bathroom serenity needs to be established)

2.      I am hiding out…the bathroom is a fun place to hide; people usually aren’t looking for me in there!

However, lately I have found myself going to alternate floors in the building because I need my peace, and I don’t want to get all chatty in the bathroom. That just doesn’t help me achieve my bathroom chi.

So, please people…..let me poop (or hide) in peace!



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