Bathroom Etiquette

Have you ever noticed when girls go to the bathroom at work….they want to chit chat with you? While in the stalls? Or while washing their hands?

Why is the bathroom the new place to hang out? I just don’t get it.

This is weird, people! Leave me alone. When I go to the bathroom (at work) I am there for two reasons:
1.      I want to drop the kids off at the pool and I need to concentrate, in peace! (Don’t judge….sometimes I cannot go unless I know I have the bathroom to myself…..not really anxiety, but more like bathroom serenity needs to be established)

2.      I am hiding out…the bathroom is a fun place to hide; people usually aren’t looking for me in there!

However, lately I have found myself going to alternate floors in the building because I need my peace, and I don’t want to get all chatty in the bathroom. That just doesn’t help me achieve my bathroom chi.

So, please people…..let me poop (or hide) in peace!



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14 responses to “Bathroom Etiquette

  1. Man… really have issues. LOL

  2. Ram Venkatararam

    I will no longer seek your advice while you are relieving yourself. However, I would please ask you and all of your readers not to request to use the bathroom in my convenience store. I sell cigarettes and beer – it is not the international house of urination.

    Thanks for the post. 20% off toilet paper on your next visit.

  3. Yeah…I can’t pee if someone is talking to me. I hate urinals…blah

  4. It is a huge pet peeve of mine to have my co-workers talk to me thru the bathroom door however it happens

  5. Lori

    I also do not enjoy bathroom banter. Not really the place I want to make friends, ya know?

    Nice Toothpaste for Dinner cartoon–I love that site!

  6. eh…did you know some people avoid pooping at work…now that is weird.

  7. I totally can relate… Chit chat in the bathroom is just, well, weird!

  8. I know a dude who will go home instead of pooping at work.

    I thought it was an unspoken rule that if someone is in there before you, and they aint making any tinklin noises, that its your solemn duty to get your ass out of there as soon as you can… as a sign of respect for the poop. Or mebee its just me.

    I go to my office bathroom to sleep. 😛

  9. This is Auntie speaking.
    Today is a very sad day in my life…
    I check out goodbadandugly2 BEFORE I even see my own blog.
    My BF is own of those weird people who avoid pooping at work. LOL

  10. “Respect for the poop”?!

  11. Thanks for popping over to my lonely blog.
    Everytime I visit YOUR blog, I hear background music from Monty Python playing in my head.

  12. omg, i so relate to this! i was just in the loo and there was someone talking on their cell phone! what the crap?! at one point, she had to apologise to the person on the other end for a noise (i’ll let you guess what kind of noise it was). and there were two chicks talking to each other thru the stall about what they did during the long weekend. people are so weird!

  13. ericanicole234

    Hahaha. The worst at work for me is when I REALLLLY have to pee, and someone is in there pooping and it smells like a bunch of dead animals and rotting food. I have to run out before I start to gag and potentially vomit. Then wait another hour before I can get up the courage to brave the bathroom again.

  14. daintygrape

    We have a community bathroom at my office and lately it has been getting very crowded. Not to mention the cracks in the doors are wide enough so that someone can see who’s in there. I’ve tried to get some “quiet” time lately in there, but someone’s always coming in and trying to peek through the cracks.

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