Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder…


Dear Hubby,

I am so excited for you to come home tomorrow. I have missed you so! The NOT IT rule is no fun when you are not here to scream it to. You are therefore, banned from leaving me alone from here on! Here are the things I won’t miss:

*Feeding the pets in the morning (they are evil)

*No one to talk too, besides the pets (all they care about is food…after that, they want nothing to do with me)

*Taking the trash out (that is a boy’s job)

*Making dinners (let’s just face it, I suck)

*Having no one to boss around (Rae doesn’t listen….EVER)

*Sharing the bed with the pets (they are bed hogs, especially Patches)

*Having to clean up cat vomit myself, rather than calling NOT IT (NOT FUN)

*Lack of bedtime conversations where I make fun of you (leaves a void)

*Your advice, even though I never listen (in my defense, I am deaf sometimes)

*And mostly, no one to kiss me goodnight and tell me they love me (even when I am mean and don’t deserve it)

I promise not to take you for granted anymore…ok, well maybe not for one week…gotta have realistic goals here!

Love, Wifey



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11 responses to “Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder…

  1. My dog is a bed hog too! haha

    I’m glad you are going to be reunited with your love soon, that’s awesome!

    You don’t know how you got til it’s gone right? 🙂

  2. Hello,
    This is Dog Girl speaking. I am Auntie’s alter ego.
    Hubby does ALL that?
    Does he have a brother who is (*ahem*) up for grabs?
    BTW, kindly visit my newer blog at http://intheyearofthedog.blogspot.com/
    My feedjit map has only two red spots and it’s getting rather dull over here.

  3. What am I chopped liver? I totally made you an amazing dinner Sun night! Uh huh…always overlooked…my blog today is so true!

  4. middlechild: Nobody loves you, everybody hates you…your gonna eat some worms….

  5. Dear GBU2,
    Thanks for putting a third red dot on my feedjit map. Now I feel better.
    BTW, it’s time for me to get back to work.
    Hope you two sisters will have kissed and made-up when I come back to visit.

  6. Awww……how sweet. Hubby has sooo much to look forward to when he returns. *wink*

  7. Jen

    I love it! Good that you gave yourself a week though, it’s hard to be good and not complain for longer than that!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog, I’m having a hard time with it, but you helped!

  8. Aw, too sweet – I’m sure Hubby will appreciate that first week! He loves you despite you calling “NOT IT”, so you’ll be able to go back to the normal state of things without any mark on your conscience :).

  9. Tim

    You are the most active blogger I have ever seen! I’m estimating you post 2-3 times per day. But that’s a good thing. Your take on life is thoroughly enjoyable. 🙂

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