The Squirty Squirts


We went out to Outback last night and it was soooo yummy! While looking at the menu, we had some interesting conversations, thanks to me! Hey, I like to keep things lively.

Dad: Do you like lobster?

Me: No, and I HAVE tried it more than once while we lived in Connecticut and it just didn’t agree with me.

Dad: That is so weird, lobster on the east coast is like steak to the west coast.

Me: Well, lobster gives me the squirts. If I have it, I am glued to the toilet for hours and hours and hours….


Hubby: This is great conversation, right before dinner. I KNEW I missed you. NOT.


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7 responses to “The Squirty Squirts

  1. Eeeeeewww.
    Now I know what you mean by “The squirts”.
    U nasty.

  2. Well it made me chuckle! I’m just as upfront about things with The Boy…he hates it!

  3. Perhaps we should start a comment help group?? lol

  4. Thanks for popping in on my blog.
    U make me laugh I sometimes squirt!
    (No not really!!!)

  5. medicatedlady

    Toot! This was cute and a conversation I would have enjoyed having with you. Can you say Red Lobster?

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