Marriage: Keeping it Real

A few weeks ago I was staring at Hubby, as he was playing on the computer, watching a basketball game.

Me: What do you want to do? Do you want to play some Wii? Do you want to watch your game?

Hubby: Ummmm…

Me: Ok, you watch your game, I will go poo.

Hubby: You say that like it is an alternative thing to do, like reading a magazine. Just something you can do at any moment to entertain yourself.

Me: Yea, that is how it is for me. Lucky you.




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5 responses to “Marriage: Keeping it Real

  1. This is Dog Girl speaking up once again:
    It’s getting late here on the east coast…
    must….tear myself…
    …away from…..this blog…

  2. You must have games in there.

  3. steppingthru

    Are you sure that’s what you are doing in there? You know they say you could go blind doing that all the time….not pooping…..that other thing.LOL You have conversations like Coach and I do.

  4. What you mean to say is you are going to open your People magazine…that’s what is enticing 😉

  5. hahaha

    I cannot poo on will. Some of us aren’t so lucky.

    The force is strong in this one!

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