Wii away your frustrations…


So, we rented this really cool wii game called Bomberland. It is awesome, and I mean AWESOME. You can play up to 4 players, and you get to bomb things. I can’t explain how AWESOME it feels to bomb things….and eventually you can try and bomb each other, to kill each other. Now, I am not a violent or competitive person (at least I don’t think so—-just because I exclaim I WON, I WON…doesn’t mean anything, right?) but this game is so much fun! Nothing like bombing and destroying a few people, after a hard day’s work!

The other night me, Sar, and both Hubby’s were playing. Now, Sar is VERY competitive and wasn’t enjoying the fact that her Hubby kept dropping bombs everywhere and killing her….it was really quite amusing. I mean REALLY AMUSING cause she gets MAD!

Sar: ALAN! STOP trying to kill me!

(Insert Alan giggling like a little girl)

Hubby: Are you guys trying to gang up on me?

Sar: No, but Alan is trying to Bomb me all the time and I am just saying he SHOULD support me! (She then glares at him ferociously)

Alan (snickering as he bombs her): Sorry, your dead.


Isn’t it amazing how these games bring us closer together and magically wipe away all of our problems, temporarily of course? 🙂


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9 responses to “Wii away your frustrations…

  1. Ram Venkatararam

    It’s true…I find the wii boxing works well too. Nothing like watching a husband and wife beat the snot out of each other with their little mii (sp?) figures. Makes me a little nostalgic for pop-o-matic trouble (where sis can trouble her mean old brother).

    Thanks for the post

  2. Lori

    Aaron and I love playing Wii. Nothing makes us curse at each other more than Mario Kart!

    And to Ram Venkatararam–I completely forgot about pop-o-matic Trouble! I haven’t thought about that in years!

  3. Madeline

    At this point your sister should know that the world of video games is the only place her hubby gets to show her who’s boss. Gamers love to whip their girls into submission in Nintendoland. The bigger fit a girl has the more the gamer revels in completely defeating her.
    Now I have been inspired to blog about my co-workers rentless competitive nature.

  4. husband is not competitve. but the kiwi friend is. every time we play mario and sonic at the olympics it ends in tears (not mine).

  5. ah yes… the Wii… gotta love it!

  6. The Nintendo Wii is absolutely brilliant for the whole family and friends – we actually cry with laughter at our efforts to perform the tasks it takes us through. Especially some of the hilarious balance games – notably the penguin slide which is a personal choice of mine too for its glorious silliness!
    Hula hoop competition is a level playing field for us with even the youngest being able to ‘win’ for a change. A feature not often mentioned and that I am very pleased with is ‘free step’ in the aerobic section. You can set your Wii up to step for a defined amount of time of your choice and the rhythm is marked by means of sound from the Wii note. You can then switch to a DVD or a TV channel and go on with your stepping exercise to the sound of the beat for as long as you like. It does raise your heart rate, get you warm and allow you a gentle exercise session in your living room. No, not quite a full on gym experience but terrific for those wanting some gentle regular and non boring exercise.
    Wish Nintendo would sort their sharing problems out as this crazy shortage seems synthetic and badly unfair – those profiteering should be ashamed.

  7. eh..it’s true…it’s like he was getting something out of his system with all the extra attention to bomb my guy!

  8. Terra

    haha…I just want to be in your family! You crack me up!

  9. Haha…the only time The Boy and I came close to falling out was when I beat him at Mario Kart by shoving his little dude out of the way right at the end! So competitive!

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