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The Not so fun wake up routine….

This was my cat this morning. He is now not my best friend anymore. Sad story.



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True Story…



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Fairytale Endings (AWWW)


As Taylor Swift has said in her songs, “I’m not a princess, this ain’t a fairytale.” Yea, that sums up my life. Despite my wishes for these things, life is not all roses and champagne. (Too bad, right?)

I don’t know about you, but somedays I wonder why I am not living in a fairytale. But, then I realize I probably am and just don’t realize it. So, in no particular order, I am listing the reasons I love the Hubby because even though I whine and complain about life, he really is my prince:

·         He draws me warm baths, with my favorite magazines and champagne on really hard days. I can’t explain why this soothes me, but it does. Someday I will have my own Jacuzzi bathtub

·         He listens to me when I am crazy about cleaning the house. Because cleaning the house to me equals serenity. (And I can be really crazy about cleaning)

·         He likes to cuddle in bed. Even though I put my cold feet on him.

·         He makes me dinners. I would eat cereal day in and day out if he didn’t cook for me, which would get quite boring.

·         His ability to be my rock when times get tough.

·         His ability to make me laugh and smile.

·         He will get up and get me a water…even if he is already in bed.

·         His ability to love me even when I think I don’t deserve it.

There are probably a ton more reasons I could think of….but then his head will swell up and he will think he is the most AMAZING husband ever (and yea he probably is) but, if I told him that he would never let me live it down. So, shhhhh don’t tell him I said that.


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