The Not so fun wake up routine….

This was my cat this morning. He is now not my best friend anymore. Sad story.



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10 responses to “The Not so fun wake up routine….

  1. Lori

    Ha ha! That’s why we rarely have our two kitties sleep in our room!

  2. Rashisha

    hahaha i’d freak out

  3. My Jane attempted that exact same thing… from the other side of the door. Its as though they think that we dont know that they’re hungry. As though, we’re oblivious. As though… WE DIDNT HEAR THEM THE FIRST TIME. 😐

  4. Ah yes. The innocent demands of the kitty. Not pretty.

  5. So cute!
    That’s why BF won’t allow me to have any kitty cats in the house.

    I remember (long before BF) when I had a cat. Oh how I loved her. But the thing I hated the most was her funky FISH BREATH whenever she meowed in my face. OMG!
    Thanks for the video.

  6. No more cats for me….and this is just reason number 42.

  7. Ram Venkatararam

    Fascinating. I new they were handy with switchblades but didn’t know they could swing a bat too.

  8. Cats are just strange, strange (and hilarious) creatures.

  9. silentorchestra

    hahaha so funny and so true. Oddly enough, that makes me miss my kitties 🙂

  10. steppingthru

    I love my cat, Pete. He isn’t a morning person and neither am I so we do our bonding in the evening. This was a really cute video.

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