Bombs away…


So, yesterday we met up with my aunt, who was visiting for a work conference. We had a great time, we sat by the pool, had a few drinks and chatted. The resort she was staying at was gorgeous and had all kinds of wildlife. Bunnies, ducks, birds…and they were all adorable. So, as we were all sitting there chatting away we hear this big noise, and before we know it we are surrounded in green poo. My Aunt got the brunt of it and I go a little on my hand. So much for enjoying the wildlife, eh?

All of the sudden those ducks and birds didn’t look so cute anymore…


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6 responses to “Bombs away…

  1. God, how big a duck was it if it was all over all of you?!

  2. Evil, birds are EVIL!

  3. Ram Venkatararam

    Surrounded? Must have been a flock. Sounds like a scatagorical version of “the birds.”

  4. my mom always said that it was good luck if a bird poops on you. it will nullify you breaking a mirror.

  5. american: I need some good luck right about now…so I am going to believe what your mom says! 🙂

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