Reasons I hate Mondays


1.      I am so busy thinking of reasons to call in sick, I forgot my lunch.

2.      Can’t sleep in

3.      Time to go back to work and the people you can’t stand to see all week are in your face.

4.      There are 4 more days  before I can sleep in again

5.      Monday meetings….my brain is barely functioning

6.      Mondays equal the worst traffic days…it’s like everyone and their mother is on the road on purpose, going under the speed limit or braking every 2 seconds for nothing

7.      It is the longest day of the week….I swear I have already checked the time 10 times and I think it has barely moved 5 minutes

8.      Happy morning people…enough said

9.      Catching up on my email

10.  Working


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14 responses to “Reasons I hate Mondays

  1. Amen. Mondays suck. As to #3, not only are they in your face but they call and email constantly…God forbid you go to the bathroom…UGH. Is it Friday yet?

  2. Lori

    I spend 4 hours in meetings every Monday afternoon. It sucks, but I do get to see my husband so that helps.

  3. One sentence “Someone has a case of the Mondays” I swear I hate that stupid movie for that one line.

  4. I want to steal this sign, but I actually look forward to Monday’s because the kids all go back to school and I get my first peace and quiet since school was out on Friday. weird.

  5. Busted

    Now that I’m back to work I hate Monday’s too…I especially HATE the people who thrive on coming in on Monday morning to vomit their personal weekend business all over me.

    Don’t they know I get paid to come here and pretend to be their friend??

    boo to Monday booo

  6. Busted: You are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO right!

  7. Oh, Mondays … ugh. Interesting to note that here, they’re among the LIGHTEST traffic days. Fridays might be a little lighter in general, but Mondays aren’t bad for traffic here. Everything else I’ll give an “amen”.

  8. silentorchestra

    Check, check…check, check, check.

    I agree fully. Monday’s should be banished.

  9. You think you’ve got it hard?! Huh. Try living in a country where SUNDAY is the first day of the week. Talk about depressing – one day weekends are a bitch.

    You and Garfield have a lot in common, by the way – your dislike of Mondays is just further proof!

  10. I hate Tuesday’s too…once Tuesday’s over, I feel like the weekend has arrived by the next time I blink!

  11. Kat

    I agree with all of the 10 reasons but also believe they can be expanded.

  12. Kat

    I wish monday could be apart of the weekend.

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