The Best Day Off


Well, first I slept in. Which was AWESOME.

Then we got up, and went to Denny’s to have our free Grand Slam. MMMMMMMMMMMMM yummy! Then it was catching up on the DVR (watched Chuck in 3D, but was disappointed in the lack of 3D) and taking naps….I need more days like this.

Me: I want to stay home all the time!

Hubby: You can’t! You have to work!

Me: Eh….I would much rather stay under the covers, watch tv, and eat Grand Slams for breakfast everyday!


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7 responses to “The Best Day Off

  1. every morning when the Brit gets me up for work (he literally has to push me into the shower), we have this conversation. (me) I feel like i shouldn’t have to work. i don’t like it. (the brit) yeah, it’s rubbish. you should stay home. (me) really? (the brit) no.
    we are long lost sisters! i so relate to you.

  2. How was Chuck in 3-D?

    I think ALL of tv should be in 3-D.

    I need details!!

  3. Otto: I agree all tv should be in 3D, however, Chuck was not as good in 3D as I thought it would be…I was disappointed! 😦

  4. Sounds like a pretty awesome day off, indeed!

  5. I love days like that. In fact, I did the same thing on Monday. But instead of taking the day off, I asked if I could work from home. In other words, I slept on the floor in front of my laptop checking my e-mail every 30 minutes to pretend I was on top of everything. It was a good Monday.

  6. Rude…you didn’t tell me you had a day off…I almost took today off, but my work levels would not allow it!

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