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Dirty Girl

Hubby: You should take a shower.

Me: Eh, I am too lazy.

Hubby: I am cleaner than you, I took a shower today.

Me: So, I took a shower last night.

Hubby: That was 1 day ago.

Me: So, tomorrow I am going to be dirty girl.

Hubby: Ewwwww. Stinky.



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Lucky Charms

Lately, I have not been that lucky and typically I am not one to believe in “magical thinking” so to speak, but I could use some right about now. According to my horoscope: “If you’re tempted to run away from your responsibilities, remember that your real job is to improve your current life, not plan your escape” I usually just read them and laugh…..but in this case, it could be true because I WAS plotting my escape. How did THEY know? 

What next? Usually the horoscopes say something like you will become rich and famous, or you will meet a handsome stranger (that’s what it says in Cosmo—sorry Hubby), and you will go on a trip in the near future. But the handsome stranger hasn’t popped up, no trips are on my horizon AND I am NOT rich and famous—yet. Knock on Wood.

So I am thinking magical thinking is not working for me (where’s Harry Potter when you need him?)…unless it is because I haven’t eaten my Lucky Charms lately, which clearly, could be the case—I better go buy some cause they are “magically” delicious and might be just what I need!



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