Consumed by the Crazies…

They are after me!

They are after me!


I have a serious problem; I’ve decided that crazy people are stalking me! I can’t get away from them. I think that they are a necessary part of my life, unavoidable, yet there…just like speeding tickets, traffic, and long lines at the grocery store. These are not your typical “types” of crazy people that belong in the loony bin, but the kinds that are supposed to be educated, fully functional people that are just irrational and clueless.

Help me! Please? (stop smiling!)

Don’t get me wrong, I know we all have a degree of crazy in us (myself included) but SUPER CRAZY…that is what I tend to run into….you know the kind….the ones that are just cuckoo for cocoa puffs!

I guess the reason I meet so many is to build character, right? But, how many “character building” characters do I REALLY need to learn from?! Honestly, I think I have already met my quota for the year and 2009 has barely got off of its’ feet! I think I am in for a LONG year, already.

The only conclusion I can come up with is that I have the KRZY vibe and so the crazies flock to me. The question is: how do I get rid of it? I must emit some type of odor, maybe like catnip where they just flock to me! I mean, really people, REAL.LY.

The types of crazy people that I run into who are “cuckoo for cocoa puffs” are of all ages. But, I especially run into the types who you think would or should know better. YOU.WOULD.THINK. I guess what I cannot get over is how very exhausting the crazies are. They make me questions myself: Is it me or is it you? Am I the Crazy one, or is it you? Did she just say that, or am I imagining it? WHAT? SERIOUSLY?!

 I will continue to try and take the high road, but the detours look so appealing…..don’t they? Maybe you had better just commit me, than the crazies won’t be able to find me, right? RIGHT?!



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10 responses to “Consumed by the Crazies…

  1. Oh, I totally know what you mean! I think every “crazy” came into our office today – it was ridiculous!

  2. henrysemenenko

    You might wanna start carrying around some sort of protection; maybe a knife.

  3. silentorchestra


    In response to, “They make me question myself: Is it me or is it you? Am I the Crazy one, or is it you? Did she just say that, or am I imagining it?”

    It’s ALWAYS them. Always. Or that’s what I keep telling myself anyways. I find this helps. heheh

  4. This particular blog makes me wonder if the crazy one here might be yourself! Just sayin’…LOL

  5. You just need to learn to get into your “crazy acceptance” mode. Then everything will be alright. As long as you resolve to go to work with an open [meaning prone to insanity] mind, you will find that you blend right in!

  6. nikholuv

    So so true. LOL! I think the “crazy acceptance” mode might be the way out.

  7. Didja ever stop and think that maybe the crazies think you are stalking them?!

  8. Is there a full moon out there?
    Or are you PMS-ing?

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