Replication Theory

A couple of summers ago, Steven Spielberg did a reality show called, On the Lot. It was about wanna be filmakers who wanted to make it big. The winner would get to work with Spielberg. My cousin, Hubby and I watched it religiously. I don’t know why they stopped making this show, but I thought it was amazing.

This video was my favorite and I thought I would share it with you all because this is so TRUE! 🙂

Check it out:



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10 responses to “Replication Theory

  1. Ram Venkatararam

    very funny. Never saw the show (or heard of it).

    thanks for the post

  2. steppingthru

    That was funny. I’ve done that a time or two. Very embarrassing!

  3. silentorchestra

    Hahah I love it. And wow, I thought I was the only one that watched that show when it was on 🙂

  4. I’m not sure what the problem is but I can’t get the video to play. I’ve looked at YouTube several times this morning (on a mission) but this one won’t work for me. Looks like everyone else is getting it so it must be me. Grrr. Just wanted to say hello and have a great weekend.

  5. Smart Mouth: Not sure…..When I click on it, I can watch it. Well, hope you can watch it somewhere, it is hilaroius! Hope you have a good weekend too! 🙂

  6. Awesome…why have i never seen that before? Hilarious…but not as funny as my mishap today! Read my cooking fiasco!

  7. The Last Post

    That was so funny, it really made me laugh. I think that at one time or another everyone has experienced something like that.

  8. Nope – not in our house – it’s ALWAYS the dog!!!

  9. Matt

    Haha so this was your favorite eh? I can see why!

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