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Definitately NOT Mr. and Mrs. Smith


I am laying on the floor, when Hubby comes and tries to steamroll me.

Me: AHHHH I can’t breathe. Why are you trying to kill me?

Hubby: Cause you tried to kill me earlier.

Me: True, I wish I had succeeded.


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No Game…


Hubby and I were talking over lunch today and I was saying how this week when he works for the ballet, he had better not pick up any new dancer girlfriends. You gotta appreciate marriage right?

Hubby: Yea, I always loved dancers….they are so flexible and watching them jump around putting in a mylar dance floor was always awesome!

Me: Hubby! Seriously, you have NO GAME. I mean IF I were a boy, I would have said watching dancers bend over or stretch, you know THAT is hot….not watching them do manual labor. And as your friend, not your wife, I am telling you: You have lost your game.

Hubby: Well, I don’t need any game anymore. I mean, I already have you.

Me: Yea, right, but someday when I am dead, you will have to get a new girl. So you NEED game. Plus it makes you feel good!

Hubby: Yea, true; well I still get checked out all the time. I just need to shave my wilderness boy scruff.


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