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My plan to rule the world…



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Free Sister

The baby sis has been feeling left out for lack of blog incorporation time. I guess everyone wants their 1 minute of fame. Well, here goes.



One lazy sister, who doesn’t put her dishes in the dishwasher. She also doesn’t do what I say. Maybe you can train her, but she is obstinate and crabby. I do not know where she gets this from being that I am an amazing, giving sister. She will occasionally clean if you go all Miss Hannigan on her. Sometimes. She mostly hides in her room and reads or sometimes you can catch her on Myspace. If she sounds like something you can use, and you always wanted a sister, today is your lucky day. If you call today, I will throw in a free t-shirt.

All offers accepted. She is free to a good home. No questions asked.

Call 1-800-Fresis


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