Well, the Hubby is working late all week. Which means: cereal for dinner.

However in attempts to broaden my palate, I attempted to make a pasta dish mixed in with spinich (well, it sounded good) as a side with Tilapia.


It tastes like crap! How can I fail at pasta? But, I did. Have you ever tasted rubber noodles? So, I try and spice it up with seasonings.


Still tastes like crap.

I would take a picture, but I think it will scare you (for reals), so instead, I will attempt to put it in Hubby’s lunch tomorrow to see if he notices my attempt at failed pasta. Hopefully, he doesn’t read my blog before he eats his lunch!

Oh well, at least I know a good failure when I taste it! Pouring the milk over my cereal as I type.

MMMM Cereal.


The attempt to put above failed pasta in Hubby’s lunch was declared null and void when even the dog would not touch my rubber pasta. So, Dearest Hubby, if you are reading…no worries, there will be no pasta surprise in your lunch…thanks to Patches’ upturned nose and my feelings of guilt.



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5 responses to “Fail!

  1. At least you tried. 🙂

  2. pictureportland

    Anonymous Husby gone for two weeks — two weeks of cereal it is for me too! HA! Actually tonight it was 2 sugar cookies, 2.5 glasses of red wine and a bowl of cereal. Can you say healthy? LOL!

  3. You didn’t fail at pasta though – you failed at FANCY pasta. You must stick to the simplest dishes, and you must, if you haven’t already, install a fire alarm as a precaution :D.

  4. slightlyignorant: Thanks for making me feel slightly better! 🙂

  5. deek1973

    Time to call in the ‘no-cook’ lasagna noodles…but hats off to you for trying.

    You know, Pizza Hut claims to have these delectable pasta dishes that will fool even the most cuisine-conscious Italian.

    And they deliver… 😉

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