Really, Sports Illustrated, Really?

My blogger friend at A Round World Through Square Glasses , wrote the following post What The Heck…Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover? that made me laugh so loud at work today (yea, I was taking a “break”) that people looked at me like I was crazy.  I guess I now understand the male take on marketing for men ….maybe.

So, after reading his take on this, I decided that I must respond, but by giving the female perspective. Cause everyone knows girls are always right!

WIFE READER: Are you serious? That girl is basically taking off her swimsuit for the whole world to see. What a hooker. I had better stop eating for the next year, so I can look that good. I bet she was airbrushed anyways….she doesn’t REALLY look that good in real life!  I mean really, husband, when will you wake up and realize NOTHING is that good in real life. I mean sure she is tan, sculpted, implanted in all the right areas, and shows no signs of wrinkles, cellulite, or hairy legs but that is because she has a HUGE posse of people to take care of her with loads of money to make her look perfect. It just isn’t real. IT.IS.AN.ILLUSION. And if it IS real, send over that huge posse and bank account to me, so I can look that good too! And you wonder, Husband, why I go to bed in my ripped tee shirts and granny panties, I don’t want to set any unrealistic dreams or goals for you. And besides IF I did look that good with a posse to tote around, do you think I would be here right now?

 (brushing of donut crumbs while skimming the mag): Hey! This magazine isn’t half bad…

*sigh* oh to be young and hot again…..




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11 responses to “Really, Sports Illustrated, Really?

  1. Ram Venkatararam

    I suspect it may be difficult for you to get the female perspective across when you have the magazine cover on the same page! I expect that the eye will wander down the page…..

    thanks for the post!

  2. They are mostly air brushed. Liars, all of them!

  3. texasheartland: I know! RIGHT? Wouldn’t it be awesome to have our own airbrushing team from the minute we got out of bed? I think if I had this, I might be a nicer person…. 🙂

  4. I thought maybe you were exaggerating until I scrolled down and saw the magazine cover.
    Wow. Seriously? Men are great, I just don’t understand them… or why they start drooling at stuff like this.

  5. ha ha ha! This is great! Alans one of my faves, and this is a perfect pair of posts. LOL!

  6. I’ve never felt threatened by SI swimsuit issue — most women don’t look like that,that’s why they use airbrushes. So if you find the swimsuit issue at your house, it’s not that big a deal. If, however, you come across issues of Out, The Advocate, or Unzipped, you might have something to be concerned about your spouse! LOL

  7. A good female perspective!
    Your comment on my post made me laugh…I’m no artist either…stick men are beyond me. However, I am ace at cutting out and glueing. Pre-school trained me well!!

  8. Oh yes…Texting Anonymous…I think there’s a real need for it. I get thumb cramp somedays, yet still can’t stop tapping away!

  9. Great blog and great article on the Sports Illustrated cover…..yeah, I drooled a bit…sorry.

  10. “…do you think I would be here right now?”

    HA!! I was thinking to myself, “And if she did look like that, do you really think that 99% of SI readership would even have a shot!”

  11. Hey! Thanks for the blog love! I just discovered it today on VD! Anyway…glad I could make you laugh! I dunno if my wife has even discovered the post yet…LOL

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