Texting is Killing my Marriage…


Well, almost. I mean I do have a flair for the dramatic, just a little.

 I do admit that I have  a lot of crazy traits–obsessive deleting, inability to cook pasta, screaming NOT IT in the middle of conversations with the Hubby, deafness (only when I hear something I don’t want to do), and I suppose I am a bit quirky. BUT these are all things Hubby loves about me…right Hubby?

But, I just CAN’T.STOP.TEXTING. I admit it. I am obsessed.Rather than pick up the phone (EVER) I just text. Everyone, everwhere, all the time. This is where we get into the “ruining my marriage” part. The BILL. Not pretty people, not pretty AT ALL.

Me (trying to hide the Sprint bill, miserably failing)

Hubby: What have you got there?

Me: Hmmm you aren’t going to like it. My cell bill.

Hubby: How much did you go over THIS time? I mean you HAVE 1000 texts! I have 200 and I never go over!

Me (in true addict form): I know, but it isn’t enough, it is just NOT ENOUGH…really; I promise not to do it next time (all lies, mind you)

Hubby (sighing heavily): Do you have to text so much? Why don’t you just call people?

Me: Because I HATE talking to people. Texting is in and out… I don’t have to talk and if I am bored…I can just stop texting. You should blame my cousin for teaching me!

Hubby (exasperated): BUT, you always text back; it is like you ALWAYS have to have the last word!

Me (still in denial): They must have messed it up somewhere….right? I know…I know…..it is a serious problem! Do you think they have a Texter’s Anonymous?

Me (inspired by genius): I know! We should just pitch a “texting only” plan to the cell company….do you think they would go for it? That is what I need!



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11 responses to “Texting is Killing my Marriage…

  1. I had to get unlimited texts on my plan!

  2. OMG what will you do when you get old like me and have arthritis in your thumbs? Arghhh…you just keep texting baby! There are worse things to present your hubs than a big Sprint bill, trust me…

  3. Spring doesn’t do unlimited texting?

    I text quite a bit myself, but def not 1000. I might push 3 or 400. I agree though. I hate phone conversations

  4. Yea, they do do unlimted texting, but I felt as though I could CURB my addiction…perhaps not!

  5. Matt

    Haha I learned long ago that you can’t curb it, it will only get worse! You better believe that I’ve got unlimited, I won’t spare you with the details of the amount of texts that I send in a month…But HEY! I’ve got something that I think will make you feel better! You may as well embrace the addiction, right?


  6. Cuzin Matt! This is ALL YOUR FAULT. I blame you! Completely, 100%. Come visit me, so I can stop texting you!

  7. Cuzin! Buy me that tee! 🙂
    I LOVE it!

  8. 250$$ Largest phone bill. It was sad.

  9. cheshireangel

    you replied on mine so i thought it only fair i replied to your blog, i love the texting post, i am just like you, i text more than i phone anybody, however if i know its going to be quick and i cannot be bothered to text i do phone people, but i am on pay as you go, so i only pay for what i use, after that its no credit no text 😦 boo lol I love your post about marriage due to it being valentines tomorrow, lol if you put a pebble in a jar for everytime you have sex and dont wear underwear in bed before marriage and then when you are married take a pebble out for everytime you have sex and dont wear underwear in bed i bet you will have lots of pebbles left in that jar by the time you reach your golden wedding anniversary

  10. I love it!
    My phone bill was once £180 all on texts…and that included 1000 free texts. That’s about $260.
    I’ve got unlimited texts now…except unlimited means 3000 texts over here. And I regularly push that limit.

  11. My wife texts AND phones an equal amount. As much as I’m on my computer? She’s on her phone. I call it even! 🙂

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