AHEM, A Love Poem




I’ve been told (more than once) my Hubby must be a saint to put up with my antics…but he wouldn’t have it any other way! And with that I give you, my love poem. (Don’t worry, I won’t quit my day job just yet!)

To Hubby:

A love poem, on Valentine’s Day (even though I love you every day) to remind you how lucky you are….I mean I am! J

A Love Poem

I wanted you to know I love you

Through ups and downs

Good times and frowns

You are a love true


Making me safe and warm

You are always there

My calm before the storm

In love that is rare


You get my sarcasm and wit

So we are quite the match

But, I am the catch

Though you’ll never admit


Though Most of the time I jest—

I would be quite sad without you

Alone and blue

For you are the best!


I am not much of a poet,

But this I know

You make me aglow

Even though you don’t know it!


Love and Kisses,

Your Wifey



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3 responses to “AHEM, A Love Poem

  1. There once was a blogger on WordPress,
    Who wrote a love poem to impress.
    Her verses and rhyme,
    Were (not) her favourite pastime, *delete as applicable!*
    And this blogger thinks they’re a success

    My little ditty for you 🙂

  2. Aaaaaaaaaaaw! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  3. Nicely done! You are a poet and don’t know it…

    Happy VD!

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