The Genius Pair and My Mean Sister


My sister, Free Sister is mean.

Here is what happened.

My dad was visiting from out of town and we had just driven into the driveway after having lunch, when my dad gets out of the car (mind you with they keys still running in the ignition).

Me: DAD! Did you mean to leave your keys in the car, with the engine running. (Senile, much? Sorry Dad)

Dad (incredulous): OH NO! Don’t shut your door! Whoa, good going! Glad I didn’t lock myself out of the car with the engine running because my spare set of keys are at home!

Me (knowing I had just SAVED the day): Yea, good thing, I noticed…I was thinking you must be crazy!

So, as I am getting out of the car, I realize that I may be senile too.

Me: OH NO!

Dad: What?

Me: I don’t have my house keys on me cause we took your car, and I just didn’t think about it!

Dad (chuckles): Oh no, what are we going to do?

I then call Sar and her Hubby, realizing they are both at work. CRAP! Then I call Rae, my mean sister, knowing the mere idea of getting in the car to come rescue me is the LAST thing she would ever want to do. She doesn’t like to help people because she is a PEOPLE HATER, she HATES everyone. (Whatcha gonna do Rae?)

Me: RAE! Where are you? I locked myself out of the house! And I need you to come home and let us in.


Me: RAE! Get your sorry ass down here and let us in!

Rae: YOU ARE SO STUPID; I am NOT driving all that way!


Well you get the gist of our fight over the phone. Anyways, she finally DID come home and let us in, but she did have the crazed psycho look in her eyes (you know, the one killers have–those of you that passed the serial killer test know what I mean).


Me: Thanks, Rae! You saved the day!


Me: You are just the nicest sister ever.

Rae: I HATE people AND I am on my period.

And that my friends, is why you should stay away from the MEAN SISTER when she is on the rag. She is scary!

(Hopefully, I will be around to blog after this…if she doesn’t kill me, but that is why you don’t mess with a blog crazy sister–blog paybacks can get real nasty)

Love ya, Rae! 🙂



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15 responses to “The Genius Pair and My Mean Sister

  1. rae

    you are such a liar…she never said i was the meanest sister ever not the nicest…and who doesn’t feel terrible when they are a girl? and there was a ton of detours today bc of course pple are doing road work..and driving terribly….you are old and forgeting your keys when you knew i was moving in the boy today…and i came on got you two! augh…crazy slut, old sister.
    love you…have a fun day today….

  2. Mean Sister: YOu are a lying hooker. But I love you and your whorish ways just the same.

  3. PS: Mean sister, want a sandwich?

  4. rae

    AND i left to rescue you when i was going to get lunch! and you freaking got lunch w/o me and made you rescue you….augh

  5. Anonymous

    You guys are too funny.

  6. Ram Venkatararam

    Please, sisters, keep fighting. It is Valentine’s day and i am alone. Rae, I believe the next shot is yours….

  7. You know what you guys should do? Do a therapy session together and FILM IT AND POST IT. It would be pure awesomeness ^_^.

  8. You should do a dueling sister blog together. LOL

  9. Matt

    Haha…For some reason I don’t think this is exactly how the events went down…

  10. Cuzin: Who you gonna believe?

  11. rae

    you are so ridiculous…who do you think is the nice sister the one that writes mean blogs and puts up pics of the other sister drunk….or the one who does not the choice is up to you…

  12. hmmm RAE: maybe it IS time for a dual….blog style…

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