Mean Girls


My sisters are mean. This time BOTH of them. Today, as you know, is President’s Day, but do I get it off at my place of work? NO! How RUDE!

This is what I get to enjoy from my mean, evil sisters.

Text from Sar at 10pm:

Sar: Do you get tomorrow off?

Me: NO.

Sar: HA HA I do! I get to sleep in. Sucks to be you.


Then later on, Rae is practically SKIPPING through the house last night (which is a rarity, considering she is usually so melancholy–must have something to do with the boy being around now)

Rae: HA HA HA I get to sleep in tomorrow.

Me: I hate you!

Rae: LA LA LA. I am going to relax ALL DAY!

Is it possible, to quit both of my sisters? Can I request NEW SISTERS? I don’t like the ones I have anymore!


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8 responses to “Mean Girls

  1. Lori

    I don’t have President’s Day off either and now that I think about it, I don’t think I have had it off since high school (during winter break.)

    Don’t worry–I am sure you will get your revenge!

  2. Just be glad you don’t have to work tomorrow because you have no job. Ah, what the heck, hate the sisters anyway

  3. Haha, it’s so nice to be home right now! Check out the amazing art work I got on my blog! Whatever I deserve today off after working Saturday!

  4. Unfortunately you can’t take them back to the factory and trade them in. If that was possible, you would still eventually end up having them back again.

  5. Hi GBU2,
    This is Dog Girl talking.
    Feel free to send your sisters over here.
    I need some help with the dishes, making the beds, and with raising the little grandson.
    I’ll straighten them out.
    No problem!

  6. I have a sister I’ll trade you and then you’ll really see what a bad one is like. Ugh….really, I’ll just give her to ya, no trade involved.

  7. rae

    um let’s just keep in mind that you and sar had the last holiday off and i didn’t and who rubbed that in my face then? lol was i skipping?

  8. Rae: You are STILL A MEAN GIRL!

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