The Real Truth

This may come as a shock to most of you, since I am so amazing in so many other ways: witty, humourous, sarcastic, and amazingly intelligent. Well, the list goes on. But, I must confess.

I cannot blow my nose. (There I said it…stop being a Judgey Judgerson!)

Since the time I was a little girl, I have been unable to do this simple task. MANY have tried to teach me, and failed miserably. My nose will actually run, and I have one of two choices:

1. Put a wad of tissues up my nose, so the snot doesn’t drizzle down my shirt (or)

2. Sniffle the snot back into my throat, so I can hock it up later (I know, attractive, right?)

Everyone I tell this to looks at me like I am completely NUTS, so I have to ask… there anyone else out there, like me, who is unable to blow their nose? Please people, I cannot be the only weirdo out here, right?




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8 responses to “The Real Truth

  1. How strange. I never thought that blowing your nose would be something that could not be achieve by everyone, except for people without noses. I have no problems blowing my own nose, thankfully. But either way you go to rid your nose of snot (be it blowing, picking, stuffing, or dripping) it’s never particularly attractive.

  2. nah, you’re not a weirdo. the dude at my work who blows his nose and then stares into the kleenex for an hour – he’s a weirdo. i think he’s looking for an image of jesus in his snot.

  3. Sar

    hahaha, i highly doubt anyone out there has this problem. You area weirdo and liable to lose your fanbase now! 😉 ps talked to mike on skype the other day and he is said you don’t facebook him anymore!

  4. I can honestly say I have never heard of anyone who could not blow their nose. Beyond that comment I’m somewhat speechless. Honk – oops, sorry, had to blow my nose a little…

  5. rae

    lol i have this problem too i blame genetics…just like how we both brush our teeth the same and such…true story.

  6. Andrew Smith

    You’re a complete idiot. I KNOW it is impossible for you to keep your mouth shut for more than a second, and that’s the REAL reason why you cannot blow your nose. You would just end up exhaling quickly through your mouth mid-sentence, “YOU KNOW, I had the WORST time getting going this morning slit my wrists?”

  7. silentorchestra

    ahhaha… so… what do you do if your nose is running in public? Do you wad the kleenex up your nose? or hock it up? hehehe

  8. Matt

    I’m with rae on this one…I think it must be genetic…(I’m not admitting I can’t either but…it’s genetic, let’s just leave it at that!)

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