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Starting out the America’s Next Top Blogger Challenge (America’s Next Top Blogger) is Midlife Slices. I am answering the questions in no particular order, so no worries. You will all get your topics! 🙂

Midlife Slices at Midlife Slices™ wanted to know my thoughts on the Bailouts. Do I think they are good? Do I think they are bad? What DO I think?

My thoughts, peppered with a little sarcasm:

Have you lost your job? Are you scared you won’t be able to put food on the table? Forced to go on furlough? Can’t afford to pay your rent/mortgage? Lost all value in your retirement fund? Tossing and turning at night? Look on the bright side because at least all of us out there are in the same boat!

So, when I saw this video from Saturday Night Live, I figured that this video best depicted my thoughts. I also heard the best one liner regarding bailout humor, I am not sure who said it, but I think many of you would agree, it goes like this: “This is worse than a divorce – I have lost half my net worth and I am still stuck with my spouse”

Eyeblast.Tv ,Video Done Right

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America’s Next Top Blogger


A friend (GB–can you figure out what that stands for girlie b…) recently told me I have a real knack for vomiting my thoughts onto my blog. However, I must pose the question then: What else is the point of a blog, right?

GB: You vomit everything that goes through your mind onto your blog.

Me: I do? Yea, so…..

GB: Do you think that people are really interested?

Me: Yea, totally, I have a fan base out there I need to maintain.

GB: Out there in blog land?

Me: Yea, and if I missed one day, I might throw a reader’s ENTIRE day out of whack. I just couldn’t let them down like that! Plus, I have the unique ability to blog about anything. Call it talent, call it vomiting thoughts, or call it skill. You name it; I can do a blog about it. THAT is how talented I am!

So, how about it, dear readers, care to take my challenge? We can call this challenge America’s Next Top Blogger.

Challenge: To everyone that comments on this post with a topic, I will do a post about it–and the most popular/creative topic, with the most comments/votes wins, so you can observe my AMAZING abilities firsthand or judge it as upchuck. Your call.

Directions: Vote as amazing abilities or upchuck in the comments section, based of the topic provided by the reader. Topic with the most comments/votes wins.

Winner: Will be awarded the award of America’s Next Top Blogger: will get a whole post about their blog, with a link to their blog and must pass on the tradition of America’s Next Top Blogger–to encourage bloggers everywhere that THEY ARE INTERESTING AND THEY CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

(Please keep it clean, my Mom reads this blog)


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Nap Time

Nap time should be reinstated! I have thought long and hard about this, and I believe if they had nap time after lunch at work, than I would be WAY more productive! What do you think? I think I should recommend this be incorporated into Healthy/ Work Life Balance policy! Yup, that is my suggestion.



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