America’s Next Top Blogger


A friend (GB–can you figure out what that stands for girlie b…) recently told me I have a real knack for vomiting my thoughts onto my blog. However, I must pose the question then: What else is the point of a blog, right?

GB: You vomit everything that goes through your mind onto your blog.

Me: I do? Yea, so…..

GB: Do you think that people are really interested?

Me: Yea, totally, I have a fan base out there I need to maintain.

GB: Out there in blog land?

Me: Yea, and if I missed one day, I might throw a reader’s ENTIRE day out of whack. I just couldn’t let them down like that! Plus, I have the unique ability to blog about anything. Call it talent, call it vomiting thoughts, or call it skill. You name it; I can do a blog about it. THAT is how talented I am!

So, how about it, dear readers, care to take my challenge? We can call this challenge America’s Next Top Blogger.

Challenge: To everyone that comments on this post with a topic, I will do a post about it–and the most popular/creative topic, with the most comments/votes wins, so you can observe my AMAZING abilities firsthand or judge it as upchuck. Your call.

Directions: Vote as amazing abilities or upchuck in the comments section, based of the topic provided by the reader. Topic with the most comments/votes wins.

Winner: Will be awarded the award of America’s Next Top Blogger: will get a whole post about their blog, with a link to their blog and must pass on the tradition of America’s Next Top Blogger–to encourage bloggers everywhere that THEY ARE INTERESTING AND THEY CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

(Please keep it clean, my Mom reads this blog)



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23 responses to “America’s Next Top Blogger

  1. Ram Venkatararam

    Okay, I’ll kick things off. I’d like to read a post that is just dialogue between the three people I admire most:

    Harland Sanders
    Toller Cranston
    and Scooby D0 (you may substitute Scrappy Do if you must)

    Oh, yeah, and I’d like them all to be stoned on crack…

    Looking forward to it! Thanks very much.

  2. I’d like to hear your thoughts re: a zombie-pocalypse. How you would handle it, where you would go… whether or not you believe that you would survive.

    Surprise me.

  3. I’d be interested in your perspective of all the current bail outs. Good? Bad? Indifferent? Got a better plan?

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  5. Terra

    I would like to know what you would do if you hit someone’s car, they weren’t in it, no one saw you, you messed it up something awful! Do you leave a note with information or do you just drive away? Would you feel guilty…what if the table was turned and someone hit your car?

  6. Lori

    I would like to know your thoughts on the Sham-WOW guy. I mean, really–what’s his deal?

  7. Andrew Smith

    Whatever…IMHO I’m not a GB…grasping at straws, ma dear…do you have anything better on me?

  8. Andrew Smith

    Needy girl! For all of you that don’t know the back story: She’s been BEGGING me to leave a question on her blog, so she will feel as if people want to know her thoughts on stupid meaningless crap. I’m throwing her a bone here, so she’ll stop bugging me at work!

    Ok, I’ve ALWAYS wondered what you would have done if you were sitting with someone at a restaurant, and noticed that they had price tags hanging off of a few pieces of clothing that they were wearing…do you, in the crowded dining room:

    a) tell her she has the price tags on their clothing, possibly increasing the embarrassment on her part among the crowd of strangers around her, or

    b) ignore it altogether, and let her to go through her day, only to have her discover the tags on her clothes at home, permitting her to justify why she shouldn’t be really embarrassed, because “maybe no one noticed”?

  9. silentorchestra

    Topic: Bacon.

    And the comment about the car… been there (wow, I can’t believe I just admitted it)

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  11. Justin

    I am a recent newlywed, and I am curious what things your hubby does to annoy you…on purpose or not?

  12. I think you should blog about your amazing middle sibling…how amazing she is, how you want to be just like her, and how you never will be! ahahahahaha

  13. getoutfromundermyrock

    While I haven’t read all of your blog posts (I’m still a newbie – be gentle on me)… I love you’re style of writing….

    I’d like to see you post about the biggest peeve you have regarding other people at the store (grocery, department, pharmacy, whatever), inside the store or out (or both), and then I’d like a very adjective and adverb-filled description of what you’d like to do to them for stirring up your fury… I wanna see if you and I think anything alike when we imagine ourselves doing things we’d like to do, but due to societal restraints, but can’t.

    I will wait… impatiently… LOL

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  18. etiquette. because you know how i think everyone is messed up and i’m the only sane one, right? but we were talking about this the other night. this is what i want to know your opinion on:

    If you bump into someone, say a colleague, and they say “hi, how was your weekend/how are you?” is it rude to just say “hi. fine.” and not ask how their weekend was? i do it all the time but feel like an asshole. but really i don’t care.

    If you sit across from someone who has hayfever and is sneezing all day, do you have say “Gezhundeit/bless you” every time or can you just say it once and leave it that without explaining yourself?

    If someone kind of smelly sits next to you on the bus/tram/train/waiting room (but they’re not homeless or anything. it’s just been a hot day and they’re wearing a suit), is it rude to get up and sit someplace else? i did that the other day and got the look of death. wha…?

    When we get cupcakes catered in for someone’s birthday the office, is it rude to skip the “happy birthday” speech in the beginning and just show up late, grab a cupcake and run back to you desk?

    inquiring minds want to know. (well, really , just mine). 🙂

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