Nap Time

Nap time should be reinstated! I have thought long and hard about this, and I believe if they had nap time after lunch at work, than I would be WAY more productive! What do you think? I think I should recommend this be incorporated into Healthy/ Work Life Balance policy! Yup, that is my suggestion.




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8 responses to “Nap Time

  1. In several places around the world — like Italy, for instance — they have a nap time. Isn’t that nice?

  2. Just move to Europe, they still have nap time!

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  4. I agree! Hell, I always try to take a little cat nap during the day so maybe I could get some chores done later or even to make me feel better. I hereby reinstate nap time for all!

  5. I totally agree with you, but, uh, yeah… good luck getting it approved. 🙂

  6. Andrew Smith

    Failed to mention you actually did take a nap at work today…slacker. 🙂

  7. silentorchestra

    I agree 100% What if everyone just starts doing it… they can’t stop us then, right?

  8. mitchell

    power to the people

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