Today’s episode of America’s Next Top Blogger is brought to you commercial free by Qbubbles at My Muddled Thoughts.

The question is: Do you believe in zombie-pocalypses, and if so how would you handle it, where would you hide, and would you survive?

First off, let me say: DO I believe in a zombie-pocalypse? That is like asking me IF I have seen Shaun of the Dead? That movie was based off of a true story, right? OF course, I believe a zombie takeover is possible! On a sidenote, it would be awesome if it would happen soon…I could use some zombies in my life to eat the people I don’t like…which lately seems to be a lot of them…(don’t know why, but there I go off on a tangent). Sorry, Qbubbles.

I think that IF I weren’t turned into a zombie immediately; I would hide somewhere like the Winchester….somewhere that has a lot of food, and a lot of booze, so I could survive for a while. I also think that I eventually could train the zombies to fetch things for me and do my bidding, by bribing them with food, booze, shots…whatever they wanted. I think, ultimately, that is all your friendly zombie wants….a little leadership, you know someone who can give them a routine. Then they might feel safe and secure in their zombie-ness. This would only encourage them to realize their true potential. We definately could all co-exist peacefully, with me as their leader.

But, how can I be so confident and how do I know I would survive? Because I have the zombie emergency procedure manual on survival, passed down generation to generation. And now, dear readers, I pass it on to you. Be safe and hope to see you at the Winchester!




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6 responses to “Zombie-pocalypses

  1. YOu must get the Zombie Survival Guide. That is all.

  2. You’d probably like this guy and this guy, who both love (and write) zombie stories.

  3. I’ve been away for a few days…and was a little confused about zombie-pocalypses posts etc! I read back a bit now and understand…great idea, and v entertaining posts!

  4. Umm, if the world were taken over by zombies I have a plan too…I would go live at Costco – there I have the bulk necessities to survive for some time!

  5. getoutfromundermyrock

    OMG!!! You are KILLING me!! LMAO @ you!

  6. Love the post, and it would totally suck to have your brain eaten by a zombie on fire. Although I could think of a few people in my life that I would totally feed to a zombie on fire…just so you know how my work week is really going.

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