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Nyquill Daze


Hubby made me sick, or maybe it is the fact that everyone at work is coughing and hacking on me. My genes of steel have finally given in and I am going to crawl under my covers and die. If I survive my Nyquill-cold-induced daze, I will be back with a vengence, but until then, me and my wads of tissues are going to go die in bed.

See you around. If I make it.

Hubby (proud of himself): See! I made you sick, now you can stay home and call in sick to work!

Me (said with a stuffy nose): Yea, thanks A LOT. Who wants to call in sick on their sick days?


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Homeward Bound?


These conversations come up all the time. And I would just like to say, Hubby is NO fun!

Me: Can I stay home from work tomorrow?

Hubby: Yes

Me: Can I stay home from work everyday?

Hubby: No


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