Nyquill Daze


Hubby made me sick, or maybe it is the fact that everyone at work is coughing and hacking on me. My genes of steel have finally given in and I am going to crawl under my covers and die. If I survive my Nyquill-cold-induced daze, I will be back with a vengence, but until then, me and my wads of tissues are going to go die in bed.

See you around. If I make it.

Hubby (proud of himself): See! I made you sick, now you can stay home and call in sick to work!

Me (said with a stuffy nose): Yea, thanks A LOT. Who wants to call in sick on their sick days?


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7 responses to “Nyquill Daze

  1. Aw, come on, but being sick is fun – you have even more of an excuse to get Hubby to do things for you! You can make him feel sorry for you because you’re sick.

  2. Terra

    awww! I hope you feel better!!!

  3. deek1973

    Hope you feel better soon. We’ll wait for you to get back and miss you until you are.

  4. Oh dear…much sympathy! And thank goodness you don’t have man flu…!

  5. Lori

    Get better soon!

  6. Get better real soon, sweetie! Try some hot tea with lemon and honey. I always had good results with TheraFlu – it’s a hot lemony drink. Nothing beats NyQuil to make you sleep. Sending hugs and happy thoughts of unclogged sinuses.

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