The Price of Love


Today on America’s Next Top Blogger we will discuss the question one reader posed about price tags  being left on clothes.

The question: What would you do if you were out on a date with someone and you noticed they still had the price tags attached to their clothing? Would you tell them? Or would you ignore it?

I would have to say, first of all, this has never happened to me however, I have always been one of those brutally honest people…probably to a fault. So, my simple answer would be yes, I would make mention of it. Although, I do know from roomate experience that a lot of girls go out and buy that perfect dress/outfit with the intent of returning it the next day. So, the tags being left on could be for a reason because after that date goes horribly wrong, which I am guessing for this reader it did….might as well return the outfit! Right?



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8 responses to “The Price of Love

  1. I left the size tag on a sweater once… as if my date needed a sign that said my boobs were XL 🙂

  2. Andrew

    It wasn’t a date I was on LOSER. It was a friend of a friend. We were in a group! I barely knew her!

    Why am I explaining myself to you?

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  4. Andy: SURE, oh yea, the ol “it wasn’t me, but a friend” act. RIGHT, I believe you…..uh huh

  5. Well, if I was out on a date, I’d have bigger things to worry about than a tag left on clothing. I’d be looking around for my husband and hoping he didn’t have his gun with him. *wink*

  6. I would probably tell them and hope they would do the same thing for me. Then again I have no problem telling someone they have spinach in their teeth – I think we should look out for each other in the stupid little things we do that we aren’t aware of – that’s part of being human. Except for gorgeous reed-thin young blonde women…we all want to see them come out of the bathroom with their pantyhose stuck in their butts!!!! (sorry, evil twin took over).

  7. bigbluestar

    I think I would have to tell the person… But I would have to wait until the end of evening, cos that would be so much funnier 🙂

  8. Lori

    I had a date with a boy while I was in high school and he came to pick me up for my birthday dinner with the size sticker to his Levis stuck to his pant leg. I pointed it out (to me, it wasn’t a big deal) but he was embaressed.

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