The Obvious Clues…

Today’s version of America’s Next Top Blogger is brought to you by a reader who wanted to know specifically what things Hubby does, on purpose or not, to annoy me. Wow, that is a loaded question, right? But, I will answer this as specifically as I can. First of all, keep in mind that Hubby and I have been married for almost 5 years now, but have known each other for 10, so I guess the keyword is that we KNOW exactly what to do to TICK each other off. So, without further ado, I give you my answer.  

Better yet, dear reader, I will give you proof of the things he does to annoy me. And the slide show begins….

First, we have the messy piles that last for days and then weeks and then months and then years….well you get my drift….

messy desk
messy desk

 Next, we have the shoes…they are everywhere….left out for the shoe fairy to put away (P.S. she doesn’t live here)

shoes, shoes everywhere
shoes, shoes everywhere

Then we have one of my personal favorites, the I-just-came-home-let-me-throw-my-crap-down piles that last for days and days..until I complain…

i just came home...where does my stuff go?
i just came home…where does my stuff go?

Next we have the random crap goes there, right?

watch in the niche

watch in the niche











And, one of my personal favorites….dirty sinks….yea, it takes two, but I begged that all I wanted for Valentines Day was for Hubby to clean the sinks…cheap right? Did it happen? You be the judge!

dirty sinks...

dirty sinks...

Moving on, you want me to fold laundry? What laundry?

What laundry?
What laundry?
So, that is your edition of things that the Hubby does to annoy me…on purpose? Maybe not. But probably. Welcome to marriage!
Love ya, Hubby. Now, PLEASE clean the sinks…….


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10 responses to “The Obvious Clues…

  1. I was okay until I came to the sink…Devoted Spouse and I have a few years on you — we’ve been together almost 26 years so we’ve become pretty adjusted to each other’s issues (I mentioned recently his issue with putting food back in the ‘fridge). Reading this reminded me of the sink issue — we have double sinks in our Master Bath, but the electrical outlet he uses for his electric razor is by MY sink and guess what happens? Yup, tiny little hairs all over my sink — I’ve hollered for ages that all he has to do is rinse the sink — do you think he does? Nope. Grrrrr.

  2. Croneandbearit: Yea, I know this all to well..I hate those stupid razor hairs…….we have double sinks too….but we each use each others just to piss the other person off…

  3. Hi there GBU2,
    I put on my reading glasses to look at the sink…
    what IS that crap in there?

  4. bookishpenguin

    Oh lordy… you mean… you can’t mean… you mean… even after five years this won’t change?

    *goes in corner and cries*

  5. bookishpenguin: sorry….thought the world should know.. 🙂

  6. True story – just one year for me and I could come up with more pictures than that! Hmm, maybe I should

  7. Oh men! They’re all alike!

  8. Woah, for someone who admits to trying to get out of cleaning at every turn, you sure do like a neat house if this is how Hubby gets on your nerves :P.

  9. Lori

    As a faithful reader of your blog, I have to admit–I am just as messy as your Hubby. Not so much with the sink thing, but with everything else.

  10. I have to agree with Smart Mouth Broad…we are ALL alike…

    You’re hubby seems to be a lot like me…

    Funny stuff! My wife would appreciate this blog…LOL

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