So unfair! I am the reigning Guitar Hero Champ in our house when Hubby and I play, but due to my sickness I am not up to par.

So tonight, Hubby won. But, under false pretenses. I am challenging him when I get better. You hear that, HUBBY? I challenge you to a real duel. Mr-I-play-on-easy-all-the-time-EASY! You scared?

Hubby: I ROCK, I am the guitar hero CHAMP! Wanna kiss a REAL rocker, baby?

Me: I.Hate.You.

Hubby (mock British): Oh, come on baby….I am a guitar hero champ.

Me: I.Hate.You.


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8 responses to “Cheater!

  1. jessesanythinggoes

    lol that was funny .tear him up lol

  2. Careful though – you might think he’s always playing on the easy level, but I bet he’s been staying up at night practicing so he could beat you!

  3. The Last Post

    I’m sure you will win hands down when you are better 🙂

  4. Andrew

    Ugh! I hate Guitar Hero…it is ironic you picked that South Park episode to highlight your post, because I think it only makes fun of people who’d rather spend their time flicking a little switch, and tapping several buttons on a fake guitar than actually learn to play a real one.

    What’s next eh? What virtual way to experience life will be the next big hit for people who have no life of their own?

  5. This would be war for me…I rock at Guitar Hero and The Boy…well…doesn’t.
    Get better quick and show him who’s boss!

  6. You both suck at it! At least I can play on medium!

  7. OMG, i played guitar hero two weekends ago after a month or so if not playing. we ended up playing for a few hours straight. the next day my i couldn’t move my arm. see what happens when you play “sweet home alamba” on medium for hours and hours (and i still suck)? easy is the way to go. less effort, better results.

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